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Hackers are hacking. Sony, unfortunately, can’t catch a break. “Hello , Iam Idahc a Lebanese hacker. I was Bored and I play the game of the year: ‘hacker vs Sony.’” The new popular kid on the block is LulzSec. He or they even have a Twitter account to taunt LulzSec’s hapless victims and spread LULZ. LulzSec claims to have hacked an FBI-affiliated organization called InfraGard. LulzSec recently hacked a PBS and posted a fake news story reporting that Tupac Shakur was alive and living in New Zealand. LulzSec also steals and makes public passwords and other personal data. Sony confirmed that it was breached by LulzSec this week. The most ominous recent hacking incident involved defense contractor Lockheed Martin using the now compromised RSA SecureID system, which was regarded as the ‘gold standard” for Internet security. The perpetrator of that hack has yet to be identified.

PlayStation Network hacked – what does it mean?


Credit: Image via g4tv.com

I don’t own a PlayStation, so the PlayStation Network being down since April 20 doesn’t impact me. But it is making life suck for a huge number of other people. There are 77 million PlayStation Network registered accounts. And it has been confirmed by Sony that the multiplayer-gaming network was hacked. The company also confirmed that user data had been illegally obtained. This is a huge blow for Sony. I’m not saying disaster yet because because PlayStation gamers are invested in that system, so it would be costly for them to switch to another system. But everyday the network is down, some small fraction will jump. If users start to find their personal data are being illegally used, that will be a PR back-breaker. Sony is already being sued and subjected to regulatory inquiries. Sony is a quality company. I’d really hate to see it go down in flames. The best read on the situation is from Kevin Poulsen of Wired. He went to federal prison for hacking. He knows what he is talking about. Here are the highlights of his take on the situation: More

8 megapixel camera for iPhone 5?

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I shot the above photo with my iPhone 4 camera. The detail in the original image is amazing. The file, when viewed at full size, is huge. If you have good light, a steady hand, and a subject that isn’t moving, the camera is awesome. If you’re in a dark situation, or if your subject is moving, the images won’t be so good. It’s the nature of photography. It’s the limitation of digital photography when you aren’t shooting with a DSLR. I don’t need more megapixels. I need a bigger sensor that can capture available light in dim situations. I need a faster processor to freeze moving images. So the news that maybe the next iPhone will be equipped with an 8 MP camera isn’t encouraging. That means larger file sizes and slower processing times. I’m assuming there will be some performance boost to accompany the added megapixels. But why not just make the 5 MP camera that already exists on the iPhone 4 better without the added baggage? More megapixels is a scam to make consumers buy the next gen of digital cameras. But the camera manufacturers play that game for a reason: Consumers are dopes and fall for the scam. Also, there are Android phones with 8 MP cams, and they aren’t better, but in the marketing battle, it doesn’t matter what is better. If the 8 MP iPhone cam is the pipeline, then all I can hope for is that Steve Jobs, when he does his iPhone 5 introduction, does a demo that, somehow, blows me and my reservations away. You want to see how good the iPhone is, watch this movie which was shot with the 4: More