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Nick Bilton at The New York Times noted on Monday that the iPhone 4 was fast-becoming the most popular camera being used for Flickr, the photo-sharing site. If you’ve reached your Times paywall limit of stories, you can just go to the Flickr graphs here that he cites in his blog post. Before I got the iPhone 4, I used to carry a camera bag containing my Canon PowerShot SX 1 IS, which is one of the best point-and-shoots just below the DSLR category. I still take it on special trips and vacations, but I don’t carry it around on a regular basis like before. The iPhone 4 camera is that good. I also carry a bendy Joby hand-held tripod that I carry in a pocket.  The iPhone 4 picture quality is impressive, but half the fun is in all the photo apps. I’ve written about the popular ones, but tonight I went on a downloading binge for crazy photo apps, particular ones from Asia. I have several now that put Hello Kitty-type cartoony decorations on pictures. Another one puts the face of a woman you photographed into a maid outfit. Fetish apps! I also downloaded several panorama apps, including the new Microsoft Photosynth, which looks pretty awesome. I have a big trip to California planned for next month with stops at Death Valley, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and Big Sur, and I plan to go bonkers with my photography and tech. I’ll let you know how these apps work out as I test them to see what works. I can’t wait to use the maid app!

Milk is for Closers

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In 1991, while I was an intern at the San Francisco Chronicle, I read the book ‘Neuromancer’ by William Gibson. That was my introduction to cyberculture. About two or three years later, I got online. I never became an expert about the Internet, but I was always fascinated about the online world and its possibilities. A lot has happened since then, and I have tried to keep up. The purpose of this blog is to get me in the mix of the conversation about what defines the Web today, what makes it interesting and fun and funny, and what will shape it in the future. I love wacky memes. Here’s one that apparently popped up in the last few days. You can make your own here: