Twitter wins Oscar race

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Did James Franco smoke a blunt before the show?

Twitter is the conversation destination for event TV, and the Academy Awards is the premier TV event for Twitter. I previously wrote about smart-phone apps that meld TV and Twitter, such as IntoNow. You can tweet about going to a movie and then what you thought afterward, but there is the void in between when you are watching the movie in a darkened theater and tapping away at your mobile phone is frowned upon. But you can kick back at home on your couch and tweet, read tweets, and retweet to your heart’s content. I don’t care much about the Oscars. I like it when worthy works and artists are recognized, but the show is otherwise painful to sit through. But the Twitter Show that pours forth is quite entertaining, from the first arrivals on the red carpet till the last grumblings about how the truly best movies got ripped off. Here are some of my faves from Sunday night: More

Arianna Teams Up With The AOL Monkey

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Pray for Mojo

AOL is buying the Huffington Post for $315 million, but is it worth that much? Kara Swisher at All Things Digital says the HuffPo is barely making a profit (though you’ll have to read deep into the article to get to that little tidbit). There had been talk that the HuffPo might be worth $200 million, but that was quickly ridiculed in skeptical quarters. Early reactions so far to the AOL-HuffPo deal have been favorable, arguing that it is helping AOL’s identity and relevance, and HuffPo’s reach. Steve Case, the former AOL honcho, offered a provocative tweet in response to the news.

And what is The AOL Monkey? See for yourself. Monkeys are funny.

Guest blog: Steve Jobs & Rupert Murdoch = Meh

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I don’t have an iPad, so I haven’t experienced The Daily, the iPad-only digital newspaper by Jobs and Murdoch that launched Wednesday. So I asked my father, who has an iPad, and was looking forward to The Daily, to offer his take on the future of journalism, so far. Take it away, Dad:

The Daily — first impressions.
Really bad. Because it isn’t designed for 3G, within 2 minutes it bombed out 3 times, no way can I download 20MB (or whatever) every morning with 3G (of course we’re talking AT&T). First issue is the orientation, switching back and forth is not good. I want “landscape” orientation, period. No need to mimic a vertically oriented newspaper, this is not a newspaper, no paper involved. Second issue is “nothing there” … on the contents page NEWS has 2 stories that looked like news, everything else looked like LOOK magazine pictorials … I find more NEWS on ANY opening page on ANY website, including the AOL homepage. I’m really disappointed. And finally I must admit that this is an abbreviated ten minute review, ten minutes because with 3G and AT&T that’s about as long as I could handle, for I’m of the Steve Jobs’ school of “if it isn’t intuitive, fast, and glitch free, then forget it”. More