iPhone glove update & random bits

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I'll miss your warm glow

In my previous post, I generally praised Digits, which you attach to the tips of your glove fingers so you can work the touchscreen of an iPhone or similar device in cold weather. I did note that I had a problem making the iPhone camera respond to my gloved fingertips. After I wrote about that, I later had the same problem using my bare fingers. I switched my iPhone off, then back on, and everything worked fine. So Digits, which are offered by “social-product” developer Quirky for $13.99, are good for anything you need to do on a touchscreen when the temps get bone-chilling.

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The photo above shows a Compaq computer monitor, manufactured in 1997, disconnected after 13 glorious years in my employer’s office. We are finally getting LCD flatscreen monitors. Fancy us!

Winter tip: Cheap way to use an iPhone while wearing gloves

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I took the above iPhone photograph wearing a glove. I have conductive pads on my gloves’ two index finger tips and right thumb. They’re called Digits and they are sold through Quirky, a site where people can get their product ideas “socially developed” through a community of designers. The Digits box I got in the mail says the inventor is Brian Shy of Chicago. Bottom line: Digits work on an iPhone…most of the time. More