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Dad is Ded!

“THEN WHO WAS PHONE” is an example of a not-scary “creepypasta.” If you were scared, I apologize. If you have no idea what is going on, I’ll explain later. [Edit note: I forgot to mention that I think “THEN WHO WAS PHONE?” is absurdly hilarious. The schlocky story and the bad grammar and spelling fits with my twisted sense of humor.] I was reading about creepypasta on Know Your Meme, the encyclopedia website I wrote about in January that documents the universe of Internet memes. A website called Tubefilter, which I had never heard of before Monday, broke the news that Know Your Meme was being sold to the Cheezburger Network. Maybe this is where I start to lose you again. Cheezburger is the home of LOLcats, as in “I can haz cheezburger?” I wrote about the Cheezburger Network getting $30 million in venture funding in January. Some of that money was used to buy Know Your Meme. More

Turning LOLcats into an online empire?

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The Cheezburger Network is getting $30 million in funding, according to this Mashable article. I like a clever LOLcat every now and then, and apparently so do 16.5 million people who share a half-million pictures and videos a month through The $30 million in funding means the investors believe this company can make much more than that in return, eventually. However, is this another bubblicious example of bubble investing? I don’t know, but it sure feels like 1998 again. Except, of course, we’re in a wretched recession. Maybe we can bubble our way out of the recession!

Anyway, for people interested in memes, this is what Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh believes:

It may seem odd that a company that produces and proliferates memes would be able to attract such attention from investors, but, as Ben Huh said at the Web 2.0 Summit the creators of meme are “the rockstars of tomorrow.” When something goes viral, it — obviously — gets a lot of eyeballs (see Ted Williams’s video scoring more than 13 million views and attracting the attention of scads of advertisers), which is an attractive prospect for investors.