I got access to Qwiki this weekend and was quite impressed. It is still in alpha development, but you can sign up and try it for yourself. Qwiki bills itself not as a search engine, but an interactive “information experience.” The experience is like when the human captain from the movie WALL-E asks the ship’s computer to define “Earth,” as explained by founders Doug Imbruce and Louis Monier. The information, which is recited to you using voice software, comes from sources such as Wikipedia, but also can come from social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Imbruce also demonstrated how Qwiki could become your wake-up call, talking to you through your smart phone, telling you the time, weather, your calendar schedule for that day, and who knows what else. It’s starting to get mainstream notice, so expectations are being raised. It feels like the future because it reminds me of the computer from Star Trek, but with the addition of photos, charts, maps, and video. All that’s missing at the moment is voice interaction so you can simply ask your computer or device a question and Qwiki will answer you.