It’s been a hot week in the online-coupon world. First, LivingSocial offers $20 Amazon vouchers for $10 each and sells nearly 1.4 million coupons. That was triple the 440,000 Gap vouchers that Groupon – the current big dog in online coupons – sold last year in a onetime deal. Now comes Google, which offered to buy Groupon for $6 billion (and was rebuffed), starting its own Google Offers. These are just the main players. You have smaller outfits like Eversave, and local newspaper websites, such as with its Dealyo. All the bargain shopping is welcome, though I’d rather see fewer offers for cheap yoga sessions, spa treatments, and gym memberships. Coupons have been around since the 19th Century and can be an effective way to acquire new customers. That’s what LivingSocial did with the Amazon vouchers. It absorbed some part of the 50-percent discount to get more than a million email addresses of paying customers. And Amazon also benefits because it has $175 million invested in LivingSocial. So what does this all mean for you? It means there will be lots of deals for consumers to choose from in the coming months as all these players try to outdo one another, and burn through piles of money in the process. Get out your virtual scissors and get in touch with your inner Crazy Coupon Lady.