When I got my first iPod – iPod! – Nano (okay, not the original iPod), I subscribed to Leo Laporte’s “This Week in Technology” podcast and to “Diggnation.” From the latter, I learned about Digg.com. I never got into it, but millions of others did. I did enjoy Digg founder Kevin Rose in the podcasts trying out beers and talking tech. It was cool. Then I had some changes in my life that eliminated much of my commute, and my podcast listening time. Last year, Digg made the news with a much reviled redesign, which turned into a boon for Reddit, which has now eclipsed Digg in relevance. On Thursday, Michael Arrington at TechCrunch noted that Rose was hardly using Digg himself anymore. Well, does mark Zuckerberg really use Facebook that much? I think he has bigger fish to fry than updating his FB status. But then it was reported Friday that Rose had resigned from Digg. More