Finally, my iPhone will start making me some money! How? Gigwalk. It’s a relatively new app that I learned about from an article in the Los Angeles Times, so it’s been around a bit and earned some high-profile, credibility-establishing attention. That’s important for something promising to make you money. How does it work? You download the app, sign up through Facebook or create your own login, then start looking for gigs. I live in Philadelphia in Center City, and there are hundreds of available gigs. What are the gigs? They can vary, but it seems the vast majority involve visiting a business and taking pictures and answering some questions about the place. The gigs pay from $3 to $90, but most of the ones I clicked on were in the $5 to $7 range. However, as you gain experience and prove to be reliable, more lucrative gigs await. Maybe! Here’s what a user had to say to the Times:

Most gigs involve taking panoramic photos inside a shop or restaurant plus a couple from across the street. Tarkoff’s favorite kind calls for checking if the business is still open at the address. If it’s shut down, a simple shot of the new business pays five bucks.

“That’s where the real gold is,” he said.

Frankly, it really is peanuts. But if you need money and can hustle, look at those maps above. There’s a lot of opportunity.

I’m an urban explorer. I like to walk around and take pictures with my iPhone. If I can earn a few bucks stopping for a few minutes to help Microsoft’s Bing maps, why not? The service is available in a limited number of cities, including Philadelphia, where I live and where some of you visitors to my blog call home. As a heads up, the gigs I looked at require you to use the Microsoft Photosynth panorama app. It’s free on iTunes. It also requires a little practice to make good panoramas.