Image credit: Tim Bradshaw, via Instagram

Jake Davis, 18, lives in a mobile home – a “hut” declared the Murdoch-owned Sun newspaper – on an island in the northernmost reaches of Scotland. From that unlikely outpost, Jake allegedly served as the spokesman for Lulz Security, or LulzSec, until he was arrested last week. I say allegedly, but his fellow travelers in LulzSec and Anonymous have a made a good show of conceding that it is him and have launched a campaign to “Free Topiary.” As far as I know, Davis hasn’t conceded anything, but he surely didn’t indicate any denials when he made his first court appearance on Monday. He showed up with a copy of the book “Free Radicals: The Secret Anarchy of Science.” In court, he “grimaced when [the prosecutor] mispronounced the name LulzSec as ‘Luke Sec.’” When he left the courtroom after being released on bail, he donned sunglasses and posed briefly for photographs.

This all fit with the persona that was projected from the @LulzSec account on Twitter: intelligent, confident, cocky. What do I mean by persona, or personality? Consider the @LulzSec profile bio: “Lulz Security® (LulzSec), the world’s leaders in high-quality entertainment at your expense.” @LulzSec taunted the authorities in entertaining fashion. @LulzSec gleefully jousted with his enemies. On one memorable night, @LulzSec exhorted followers to watch a televised police chase around Los Angeles and provided a running commentary cheering a TV news helicopter pilot trying to keep up with the marathon pursuit. Topiary supposedly controlled that account – with more than 350,000 followers – and there have been no tweets from it since Davis was arrested. Topiary had his own account, @atopiary, and all the tweets on there were erased recently except for one: “You cannot arrest an idea.” The LulzSec twitter account remains untouched by whomever are his closest associates, maybe out of respect to Davis and the persona he created. But I think others have access to the account and the “Lulz Boat” will be deployed once more when the remaining people behind LulzSec need a vehicle capable of reaching 350,000 listeners.

Topiary jousting with Westboro Baptist Church…yes, it’s a shark with a laser (Lazor!)

In a celebration posted on Pastebin, somebody shared a tribute, a Song for the Ages, to honor Topiary. It was written in the style of Topiary/LulzSec. This is my favorite passage:

We raised his rank as he held high our lulz. We cherished him as he cherished the lulz; and through him, we frightened the totality of the unlulzy parties as Topiary feared only the shears.

Over 9000!