The morning started with news of stock volatility for eBay, parent company of PayPal, which was the subject of a boycott launched by hacktivist group Anonymous. Turned out that the entire stock market was jittery, mainly because the clowns in Washington were yanking America’s chain on the debt ceiling stand-off. But Anonymous was back in the news a few hours later when British authorities announced they had arrested an 18-year-old on an island in the far-northernmost reaches of the United Kingdom. They had taken down “Topiary,” the entertaining spokesman for LulzSec, which was an offshoot of Anonymous. So they had a key figure of LulzSec/Anonymous in custody. Or did they?

A report from an obscure source reminded people that anti-LulzSec hackers had posted info identifying Topiary as a 23-year-old from Sweden. @AnonymouSabu tweeted the link as a tease, making no comment on its veracity (Sabu is regarded as the mastermind hacker of LulzSec). He had taunted his foes earlier about how they were wrong about the Swedish guy. Disinformation?! Were the authorities duped into arresting an innocent person? The British authorities have not released the name or anything more about the teen they nabbed. Presumably he is being grilled and getting the good-cop-bad-cop treatment. Or maybe Gitmo! Topiary is assumed to have run the @LulzSec account on Twitter. But there was also a personal @atopiary account, which got wiped last week except for one tweet:

Do I believe the cops got the wrong guy. No. But what do I know?