In my last post, I said Google+ is what you make of it. So far, I’ve created an expanded Twitter. The people I know at some level and the people I follow are drawn almost exclusively from Twitter. A few are also friends on Facebook. My universe of Facebook friends is a hodgepodge collection of real-life friends and co-workers, old classmates, people I friended to interview for stories, people I met on MySpace who switched to Facebook (use your imagination), people I met from other online groups (such as Wonkette commenters), etc. My Google+ crowd is on Twitter, is tech-savvy, and smart. The quality of posting and commenting is very high. These folks also talk a lot about Google+, which I don’t mind, though some are feeling free to post animated cat GIFS and otherwise diversify their voice. I called My Version of Google+ an expanded Twitter because the people I know on Twitter are now being revealed to me beyond the 140-character limit. Especially for people I’m following, such as high-profile entrepreneurs and tech journalists, I am getting access to their thinking that was only available if they had some other outlet and linked to it on Twitter. With all that said, this means that these people are spending less time on Twitter. So my version of Google+ plus is cannibalizing Twitter. Every minute I spend on Google+ is a minute I would have spent scrolling through my fast-paced Twitter stream. I love Twitter and don’t want to hurt it. Xeni Jardin, an editor at Boing Boing, wasn’t so sentimental when she declared: “It’s official. I like G+ more than Twitter now.

The number of people on Google+ (or at least have tried it) is now estimated at 10 million people. That’s astounding, though not surprising since Google is everywhere. These people are the early adopters and they have made Google+ an intelligent place to be. I’m guessing the only impact on Facebook so far is that Google+ has attracted people who don’t spend much time on Facebook, hate Facebook, etc. The people using both Facebook and Google+ are using them for different reasons, or at least should be. I don’t hate Facebook, but I welcome this competition in the social-media game.

At the moment, Google+ is suiting me just fine. It is expanding its user base and will add new features and tweak existing ones. Eventually there may be an invasion of Justin Bieber fans, and that’s okay. They will make Their Version. Unless Google+ creates a trending-topics feature, I may never know. I’m still exploring. I haven’t used the Hangout group videochat feature yet. But Newt Gingrich has!