I’m already angry at Google+ and I haven’t even tried it yet. I’ve had people send me invites, but Google+ hasn’t been activated for me. I keep getting the message: “We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity.” It’s not like everyone has it and I don’t. Only a small fraction of Google accounts have it as part of a “limited field trial.” So I’ll get in, eventually. Oh yeah, I forgot to explain what it is:

Google+ is Google’s latest and most serious attempt to compete with Facebook. Here’s a simple summary and review from Ben Parr at Mashable. In the meantime, all I can do is read what others are saying. Some people think it’s “very cool.” Others see it as an unwise strategic move for Google. And then there are those who ask: Why do I need something I can already get from other sources? Or why do I need an alternative to Facebook. Good questions. Time will tell, but we also can look at history. Remember this guy?

Yeah, that’s the MySpace guy who was your automatic first friend or whatever they called it. And that’s a screencap of his Google+ profile. He weighed in on the Google+ discussion:

Google+ seems like a “reaction” to Twitter/Facebook. But are you starting to see the ways that Google+ just makes Google a better, more integrated set of services? Google already has top-notch products in key categories–photos, videos, office productivity, blogs, Chrome, Android, maps and (duh) search. Can you start to see/imagine what Google+ does for Gmail? Picassa? Youtube? Not to mention search? The +1 system that Google now has control of (unlike Facebook Likes) can really influence and change the nature of their search.


That’s why I’m interested. I use Google’s Chrome browser, Gmail, Google Docs, and, of course, its search engine (dozens of times a day). I’d like to see all that integrated with a social platform. I won’t – can’t – abandon Facebook. Too many people are there. But I don’t hang out there. I don’t love it. So I am curious about what I can make of Google+. It would be REALLY NICE if Google would let me in.