(Above) My unfunny attempt to modify the now-famous Situation Room photo.

I was going to write about how the news of Osama bin Laden’s death developed Sunday night on Twitter, especially since I happened to be browsing tweets when the first word of the “10:30 p.m.” announcement appeared. But Twitter has eliminated the time-stamp feature for tweets, so now I can’t figure out the exact sequence of events that night. I hope Twitter brings that feature back.

In the meantime, I want to complain about something: There are too many people trying to create Internet memes, including myself. On Monday, a photograph was posted on the White House Flickr account showing President Obama and others in the White House Situation room watching the bin Laden raid. Within an hour, altered versions of the image began showing up on the Internet. The first ones I saw featured the frowning flower girl from Friday’s royal wedding, a surprised cat, sad Keanu Reeves, and Rick Astley. In my opinion, none were particularly clever or funny.Earlier in the day, several remixed images surfaced that played with the fact that Obama had been tussling with Donald Trump. They all made fun of Trump, and that was cool. This animated GIF, which had existed before bin Laden’s demise (without the “He’s Dead” title), was amusing. I probably would have gotten more of a “kick” out of it had I not seen the original a few months ago. My reaction was more along the the lines of: “Damn, I wish I had thought of that.” And there, folks, is the problem. For all the barely notable remixes of the Situation Room photo, there were hundreds that truly sucked. I was on the image remixing site Canvas trying to figure out my version of the photo (again, see above). The site was clogged with all sorts of half-assed Obama meme attempts. One of the most popular there and on Reddit was the one with the president holding a PlayStation game controller. That also was used in versions that showed the PlayStation Network being down (which is still down, by the way!). There was one that I thought was very clever: The gathering of American cultural icons. All this effort at playing with memes came home for me yesterday when I was finally invited to Mlkshk.com (as in Milkshake). It’s a Tumblresque image site (in beta testing, thus the invites), and I had asked for an invitation about a month ago. I’d seen glimpses and it looked like some good exclusive fun. But once I created my account and started looking around, I saw that it was being clogged with the same crap I see on Reddit and Canvas and Tumblr and other image sites. MlkShk has potential, depending on how its community develops, but I was sorta bummed. Overall, I think part of the problem is that too many people on the Internet are now meme-conscious (like me), and there are too many places catering to this crowd. So what’s the alternative? There’s always the insanity of 4chan: