Is your Tumblr blog good enough to be made into a book? My Parents Were Awesome reportedly is. Here it is on Amazon, available for $8.17 in paperback. It’s not the first. Here’s one from 2009: Pets Who Want To Kill Themselves. “Pure entertainment!” raved Scott A Birmingham. Another Tumbler-turned-book makes fun of hipsters. Turning blogs into books is nothing new. “Salam Pax: The Clandestine Diary of an Ordinary Iraqi” – based on the blog “Where is Raed?” – was published in 2003. What’s changed over time is the type of blog, from the long written post to the cataloguing of funny pictures, which is what Tumblr is best at. I have two Tumblr blogs. One is for my collection of stuff I’ve stolen from the Internet (and some stuff I’ve created). The other features YouTube videos of old TV shows, a nostalgia showcase for the somewhat forgotten gems of television history. Neither Tumblr is becoming a book. So what blog is destined to be the next hot book?