Grandfather's volunteer badges

I shot the above photo with my iPhone 4 camera. The detail in the original image is amazing. The file, when viewed at full size, is huge. If you have good light, a steady hand, and a subject that isn’t moving, the camera is awesome. If you’re in a dark situation, or if your subject is moving, the images won’t be so good. It’s the nature of photography. It’s the limitation of digital photography when you aren’t shooting with a DSLR. I don’t need more megapixels. I need a bigger sensor that can capture available light in dim situations. I need a faster processor to freeze moving images. So the news that maybe the next iPhone will be equipped with an 8 MP camera isn’t encouraging. That means larger file sizes and slower processing times. I’m assuming there will be some performance boost to accompany the added megapixels. But why not just make the 5 MP camera that already exists on the iPhone 4 better without the added baggage? More megapixels is a scam to make consumers buy the next gen of digital cameras. But the camera manufacturers play that game for a reason: Consumers are dopes and fall for the scam. Also, there are Android phones with 8 MP cams, and they aren’t better, but in the marketing battle, it doesn’t matter what is better. If the 8 MP iPhone cam is the pipeline, then all I can hope for is that Steve Jobs, when he does his iPhone 5 introduction, does a demo that, somehow, blows me and my reservations away. You want to see how good the iPhone is, watch this movie which was shot with the 4: