Twitter finally got rid of the annoying QuickBar at the top of its iPhone app. The tweet above is in Greek except for two words: “dick bar.” The QuickBar was nicknamed the dick bar or “Dickbar” because, um, Twitter’s CEO is Dick Costolo. Actually, John Gruber of Daring Fireball came up with the term and said he meant that including the bar was a “dick move.” The most annoying thing about the bar was the way it floated on top of the app and made it hard to see tweets. There’s not much real estate available on a phone screen and this was ruining the app experience. Responding to the angry uproar about the bar, Twitter pinned it down to the top of the feed. After a while, I started to find it sort of useful. How else was I going to learn that Jackie Chan had died? No, really, I didn’t mind seeing what was trending without having to switch screens. But most other users still hated it. On Thursday, Twitter announced on its blog that the bar was gone. That was good news for all the people on Twitter who could go back to the traditional meanings of “dick” and “bar.” (Don’t look at the following screen cap if you are easily offended.)