Gotta dig up the "Forever Alone" guy meme (see below).

Today was all about clouds. Music stored in clouds. Imaginary girlfriends billowing about. I’m not certain the “cloud girlfriend” site isn’t a hoax, but I signed up to be a beta tester or something. The big news was the launch of the Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player. You take about 5 gigs of music – about 1,000 songs – and you upload them to Amazon, where they’ll be accessible via the Cloud Player from any computer or Android device. (It isn’t Apple friendly, so I haven’t been able to try it out.) If you want more storage space, then you pay. Otherwise, it’s free. Storing data is cheap. Moving it around the Internet is cheap. Think about streaming movies via Netflix. No DVDs. No stores. Amazon is trying to shift toward digital content. All the big players are. Both Google and Apple are expected to unveil cloud “lockers” for your music later this year. Amazon was first, but it may have jumped the gun because it hasn’t formalized licensing agreements with the major music labels. It will all be worked out eventually. Everything is shifting to the clouds.

Back to the cloud girlfriend thing. It’s getting mainstream media attention. I am skeptical because the site is generated from LaunchRock, which you can use to make a site without having a real company. It was recently used by pranksters to pitch a company selling jars of air. Watch the video below for “Share the Air.”


LaunchRock is not fake. It had a laugh on its blog about the fake air company, but it also warned: “Now, no one try this ever again!

It doesn’t hurt to submit an email address and see if something is real or not. You just want to steer clear of something like this:

Don’t be forever alone guy.