Worst Colonel Ever

Google’s Transparency Report is an excellent way to find out what is happening to Internet activity around the world (except China). You select the country and then a Google service, such as search or YouTube, and then get a pretty good idea of whether the people in that country are able to access the Internet or not. If unencrypted searches drop to near zero, you know something is up – like in Libya, on Mar. 3 around 11:30 a.m. EST (my time).

It has remained at a minimum since then (note the increments are greatly reduced):

Gaddafi blows

As other Arab governments teeter, this is a good way for anyone to monitor what is happening in those countries. Of course, if your own government was blocking the Internet, you’d have a hard time accessing this tool. But maybe you could call a friend in Switzerland and have them check for you. 😛