Image by Danilo Ramos, via Flickr

I’ve already written about Twitter’s fifth anniversary and what it means in the big picture scheme of things. Today I’ll share a few fun and interesting things about Twitter. Lady Gaga is the Queen of Twitter with nearly 9 million followers. President Obama is 4th on the list with 7 million followers. I follow neither. Probably the most popular person on Twitter that I follow is Roger Ebert, who recently shared at the TED conference how Twitter and the Internet helped him reinvent his voice after cancer surgeries took away his ability to talk. Oh, wait. I just remembered. I follow Charlie Sheen. He has more than 3 million followers. I find his antics fascinating. I don’t think he’s having a break down or is mentally ill. He’s just amoral, or immoral, and lovin’ it. Enough of famous people. Here are some important tweets from people who are not famous, but what they are doing on Twitter is vitally important:

I got turned on to this guy by the Voice of America reporter in Japan, @W7VOA, aka Steve Herman.

@FroozyO is tweeting about events in Bahrain. After we’re done with Libya, let’s help speed up regime change in Bahrain.

@sharifkouddous is all over the place, and was in the middle of the action when Egypt was in revolution.

@ZouEG has a connection with North Philly (for my local readers).