Mainframe computer
Image credit: scriptingnews via Flickr

Your Gmail is safe. This is important. Do not sweat it. Cloud computing, done right, works. I was wondering if Gmail was compromised this weekend when news first broke that as many as 500,000 accounts had been reset. You shouldn’t worry. I did for a bit this weekend when the news circulated about people losing their email accounts. Google took care of business. But I have since learned that it is something that is easily manageable. Why? Because everything is on tape. It took a bit of time to get everything back. As far as I know, the naysayers look stupid. However, those who lost precious hours were screwed. If you are still worried, there are plenty of solutions in the mix. I added my main Gmail account to my Mac email client and downloaded my emails.  That was my backup system. I feel so much better about Google right now. Trust in cloud computing is all that matters. And they have you covered, so far. Here’s a photo of a tape back-up system. If you wondered what Sun Microsystems did, check out this massive tape back-up system from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory:

Scientific Data on Demand – NERSC’s High Performance Storage System

credit: Lawrence Berkeley Nat'l Lab - Roy Kaltschmidt, photographer

Here’s a tidbit of what to expect.

The High Performance Storage System (HPSS) at NERSC can efficiently manage up to 37 petabytes of science data by moving information from high-cost, high-speed disks to low-cost, energy efficient tapes. Thirty-seven petabytes of information is equal to all the music, videos or photos that could be stored on 321,900 iPod classics filled to capacity.