Did James Franco smoke a blunt before the show?

Twitter is the conversation destination for event TV, and the Academy Awards is the premier TV event for Twitter. I previously wrote about smart-phone apps that meld TV and Twitter, such as IntoNow. You can tweet about going to a movie and then what you thought afterward, but there is the void in between when you are watching the movie in a darkened theater and tapping away at your mobile phone is frowned upon. But you can kick back at home on your couch and tweet, read tweets, and retweet to your heart’s content. I don’t care much about the Oscars. I like it when worthy works and artists are recognized, but the show is otherwise painful to sit through. But the Twitter Show that pours forth is quite entertaining, from the first arrivals on the red carpet till the last grumblings about how the truly best movies got ripped off. Here are some of my faves from Sunday night:

First, Rosanne Cash live-tweeted in the style of Jane Austen:


Alex Pareene, a Gawker alum who now writes for Salon.com, wondered if Oprah Winfrey could have done a little more with the presentation of the Best Documentary award:

You get an Oscar! And you get an Oscar! Everybody gets an Oscar!

I enjoyed this reference by Jason Linkins (of the Huffington Post) to The Social Network when The King’s Speech won Best Picture:

I saw Winter's Bone. That was pretty good.