A zettabyte is 1000 exabytes!

A research article published this week declared that the total information stored by humans in 2007 was 295 exabytes. That’s the equivalent of a stack of CDs from here to the moon, and beyond. And…wait. What is an exabyte? It is 1 million terabytes. Now, some of us know what a terabyte is because consumer hard drives are available in TBs. A petabyte is 1,000 terabytes. I’d heard of petabytes before. And petaflops. But until I read news reports about this article, I had never heard of exabytes. Or zettabytes, which is 1,000 exabytes. I checked for what was even bigger than that and learned about yottabytes (who comes up with these names?). The research article only goes up to the year 2007. How much more do we know now? Get used to seeing the term exabyte, like in this article about how mobile data traffic will grow to 75 exabytes annually by 2015.