A year ago today, Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple iPad. I don’t own one. I’ve only seen an iPad a few times. You may live and work where they are all over the place. I don’t. Maybe that’s why I have been able to avoid getting an iPad. I understand its benefits and potential. When it was unveiled, I immediately saw how it could be a great tool for college students, especially as a textbook reader (no more lugging around a 20-pound backpack). It’s great for looking at photos and playing games. I’ve read how hip restaurants are using it to show wine lists to patrons. I’ve read how the tablet computer is the final nail in the coffin for desktop computers. Apple has sold 15 million since the iPad was made available to the public last April. I just don’t need it. I have an iPhone. It slips into a pocket and I can forget about it. I can use it to read email, check Twitter, use GPS on a Google Map, take pictures and video. At home, I have an iMac with a 24-inch screen and all my online media consumption – and blogging – is done there. I don’t need an in-between computer. But can I avoid a table computer forever? I don’t know. At work, my bosses say we will be seeing IPads in the office soon. The iPad 2 is on the horizon. Maybe it’s inevitable. Just ask this cat: